Tuesday, May 1


I was doing my "feet manicure" yesterday and decided to show you my collection of all the nail polish that I own...
For someone who don't really use a lot of nail polish, I think I have a pretty big collection of it. :)
I like nude, beige and white colours in winter time and more neon, bright colours for summer.
 I think it looks so good when in summer we have tanned skin and wearing neon colours on our nails.
But I must confess that what I like to see the most on my nails is French manicure (yes, I know totally out of trend :)
I like to use Catrice or P2 brand of nail polish - because I can buy them for a good price and they are long existing.

What kind of nail polish do you like? What are your favourite brands & colours? How do you take care for your nails & feets?

Do you have any tip for me which brand have really good neon colours? I can't find really bright neon colours that are so popular this summer..

Hope you like this first {BEAUTY} post.

Love, Ania


  1. ulalala kr lepa zalogica lakcov :) men so trenutno najljubši taki soft pasreli, neonski pa dekorativni z bleščicami:) xx

  2. Meni ima najboljše neon-e China Glaze. Jaz si tudi ravno delam pedikuro :D

  3. Slažem se za China Glaze. Pogledaj i ovdje, možda ti se koji svidi. http://store.americanapparel.eu/nailpolsn.html?c=Neon%20Violet

  4. kok enih dobrih lakcev <3 js tud iščem perfektnega neončka,pa ga še nism najdla :/