Wednesday, May 23


It was a beautiful day and we went on one of my favourite spots in Gummersbach - Halb Insel. Igor and his brother Mario went running and I just enjoy the great nature with Tyson. I always like to sit down by the water and just relax, meditate, think about beautiful things while Tyson is enjoying jumping around.


We get an Air France crew member on the visit ;-) Jerome is a steward on the international flights of Air France and Igor's friend. He came to visit us and we had a lot of fun... As you can see :-)
Jerome playing Guitar hero.

Sunday was a day of the important match. We woke up in the morning and as usual went in the city on the coffee. It was a city festival and it was a lot of people out there - not typical for Sunday in Gummersbach.

I took this photo because it has such a beautiful meaning - when new generation meet the old one... 
I love strawberries with chocolate, yummi!!
I always wanted to try this.. next time I will for sure!

Match between our VFL Gummersbach team and Flensburg - final match for European Cup
My baby after the match (they lost for one goal) tired, disappointed, sad...
Igor & the cutest, smallest fans.

Famous football player Raul was one of the guests of the match and of course Jerome wanted a photo with him.

Our frenchie Tyson had his 3rd birthday on Monday. Thank you dear Universe for bringing him in our lives, he is the most lovely, dear creature in the world!!

Taking walk with Tyson in the beautiful nature just few steps away from our house.

I wore this accessories today and I think it looks cool... I like it a lot!

This was my previous week in a few photos via Instagram... how do you like this post? Do you think is interesting and you would like to see it also next week? I like to experiment here on my blogs with diferent posts and I am always happy to read your feedback!
How was your week like??

Love you guys, Ania


  1. zelo lepe slikice :) Tysi <3 happy birthday...

    1. Iraya, hvala - cisto spontano narejene :-)
      Tysi je odlaju hvala, hahaha :D

  2. Wow!!! Raoul!!!
    and I love your white dress!

    1. Hey, hey!
      It's actually rose color but you can't really see that - the photo is not that good ;-)


  3. I love your watch on the last photo that's total cool!! :) It was a really good post I hope you will continue it and we can read about your next week too. I'm looking forward to your next post :) Have a good week!!!

  4. kok luškana oblekca <3 pretty!

  5. Ja tisto s žogo na vodi bi tud jst ful rada probala :)) lepe fotkice drugač, always fun where you are :)

  6. Haljina predobra, pre, pre! Raul, eh... <3 ;) Drago mi je da si imala super tjedan, a vidim da je i nastavak bio zanimljiv!