Monday, May 28


 This is my last night outfit. My BF and I went to the cinema, to watch the Dictator (oh my gosh we had fun watching it!!) and after the movie we went to our favourite restaurant Vapiano. If you asked me a few years ago how my perfect Saturday's evening would look like, I would say partying all night long but it looks like I'm getting old in the meanwhile 'cause my fav Saturday plan is now watching cool movie in the cinema and than eating some delicious food in my favourite restaurant where I can just enjoy the company of people I love and chat as long as I want... and yesterday was one of those evenings - first cinema, then dinner and after that we met with our so dear friend Uschi, who is the president of handball federation of Lichtenstein and was in the Cologne this weekend to watch Champions League Final 4. I am really happy that I saw her again and having a little chat with her...

... and as I wrote already that is what I wear yesterday - some trendy neon colours and faux leather (because we love animals, right?!). It is a simple outfit as always spiced up with some new bracelets I just bought a day before.

What do you think? Do you like it? Are you also in love with neon colours?? 
Write your opinion - because here we think it's important and valuable! 

Love you my beauties, Ania


H&M Neon Top
Vero Moda Skirt
Zara Heels
Mango Vallet 
Guess Watch
Bijou Brigitte Accesories 


  1. Ma opet samo pohvale za styling! Cool mi je ova nova crno-srebrna narukvica. Diktator je odličan, zar ne? I mi smo se zabavili gledajući ga. :)
    Šteta što se na kraju nismo uspjele naći. :/

    1. Prvo hvala na komplimentu! Puno znaci!!
      Diktator je pre predobar, bas smo se fino nasmijali..
      I meni je zao da se nismo uspjele vidjet al valda ce biti jos prilika ;-)


  2. Zelo všečen outfit! :)


  3. kok dobr! skrajni čas, da si nabavm kakšn neon kos :D xx

  4. Jaaaa neon je kul!! Komej cakam da se mal barve dobim od soncka-pol se lepse izpade!