Monday, May 14


Another thing you maybe don't know about me and Igor is that we love to go to the cinema! 
We love to watch series at home before we fall asleep and we love to go to the cinema to see the new comers (especially since Mega Upload is down we are more frequent guests of cinemas :-)) - at least once per week. 
At home we love to watch series like Touch, Mentalist, Dexter,  NCSI, Terra Nova, Two and a half man (oh, we saw all the possible seasons :D and we love it), ... I also love Gossip Girl (of course!)
For the movies - I am more for the comedies or action ones, also some historical can be my fav ones and Igor sometimes makes me watch SF movies (what he always regret since I can be a real movie spoiler with my comments about how things in SF movies aren't possible). 

So, yesterday was another day for movie time.  We went to kino Metropolis in Köln which we love not just because is cool, retro, small one but also (and at most) because it has all movies in original version - so no movies in synchronised German, yeeey! We watch The cold light of day and it was okeey, not good (well the actor was good) but okeey. More Meow as Wow! 
And yes, we had a great company - Igor's little (humm, can I say little for 2,00m tall guy) brother Mario. 

There is not a lot of photos today but with this ones you can see how my "Kino Look" looks like ;)

 So, what do you think about my Kino Look? 
And do you like to go to the cinema? What kind of movies do you like?


  1. kjuti <3 js tud kar dost hodm u kino, samo glede na to da fant vedno zbere film so večinoma akcije. si pa ogledam kakšn cheesy film ko sem sama :D

  2. Tjedan bez kina srijedom je nezamisliv. ;) Posljednji odgledani The Avengers, jako zadovoljna, a ovog tjedna me čeka Dark Shadows.

    Ma mislim da tvoj stil više nema potrebe komentirati, uvijek mi je tako jednostavan, a tako upečatljiv. Detalja taman koliko treba, boje super iskombinirane, da, da, neću te više hvaliti. ;)

  3. Včasih kar spregledam oblačila na tebi, ker imaš prekrasen obraz <3

  4. Lustna full! Outfit je full hud! Tudi jaz rada hodim v kino.. ce grem s puncami je to seveda kaksna girly zadeva, s fantom pa tako kot Mushei vedno neke akcije :D

  5. super outfit, but I love your make up!

    xo I.