Tuesday, May 8


Today I travelled to South France, in the city called Saint Raphael @ La Côte d'Azur. 
The reason why I travelled to chill out on French Riviera - you can read here
While packing I was thinking also on you my lovely readers and said to myself "well why wouldn't I share my travel bag content with you?!"
And here it is... post with some of my "travel must haves", post about what you can find in my bag when I am travelling somewhere (we are speaking about travel bag not travel suitcase ;).
 I always like to choose my Stella McCartney bag because it is really practical - it's big, it has a special bottom space for shoes (so you can change your heels on the plane for more comfortable ballerinas) and it also has a plastic cosmetic bag for all the make up girl need.

Here you can see what I brought this time with me in France:

Books: I like Paulo Coelho and I think he will be my perfect mate while laying on the beach (his book Alchemist is one of the books that changed my life). 
The other book Fame I bought for the reason, because it is written in the style I would like to write my columns in - so I need to read it and than practice, practice... As you see books are in english language because I want (need) to improve it, I want it to be perfect so my blog will be even better ;) 
(let's admit it my english isn't perfect, yeah?)

Cosmetic: Diorskin Forever & Chanel Mat Lumiére  Foundations - I use them bought. Depending on how my skin looks on a particular day, I choose one or another.. (I am a little bit more satisfied with Chanel) 
Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush - one of the best blushes I ever bought! 
 Lancôme Rouge in Love Lipstic - which you can see here
Helena Rubinstein Mascara Lash Queen - my favourite mascara ever! I don't have long lashes but this mascara make the best from what I have.
L'occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream & L'occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream - both in travel size. Both very good. Both travel must haves!

Gadgets: MacBook - a total must have for every blogger (and every other person)
Iphone - c'mon I don't have to explain it or? Just joking! A piece that makes my life easier and funnier :-)
Iphone handmade Case Börn&Bird - a gift from my best co-worker Judith
Pop Handset designed by David Turpin - because I am a girl! ;p
Mango Wallet - I love this wallet - it's big, it's practical, it's beautiful.
Neon Notebook - because smart ones write things down!
Moschino Sun Glasses - Sun glasses are a must for a travel - you agree - don't you?

And If you want to have some extra fun while reading this post look at the last photos - this is how I looked like while I was taking photos! Lol! :p

Have fun and don't forget : I love you all  ;-) (I am such a crazy ass, ha? :-)

P.s.: Please, share with me what are your travel must haves!! 
I will travel a lot in next months so all extra tips are more than welcome!


  1. Adidas i Stella McCartney = ❤ Da nije van razuma pola kolekcije bi si pokupovala, ma svašta nešto, hahaha. :D

    Razmišljala sam o sličnom postu, što mi ne smije pofaliti od dekorativne i preparative kozmetike. Uglavnom se ne razlikujemo puno, a recimo ja bez maskare i crne olovke za oči ne izlazim iz kuće, posebno ne na put. ;) I uvijek uz sebe imam vlažne maramice za ruke, po nekoliko gumica za kosu jer ih uvijek nekako uspijem izgubiti, najdraži parfem (o tome ću u tom postu) i naravno knjigu/e. Ako je ljeto u pitanju, definitivno ne idem nikuda bez kreme za lice sa SF zaštitom, sunčanih naočala i gela od krastavaca koje hidratizira i rashlađuje tijelo (idealno za borbu protiv vrućine, a savršeno miriši).

    Sve slike su odlične, ali zadnje su i extra simpatične. :) I ova posljednja s Instagrama je savršena!

    Uživaj! :)

    1. Hvala, draga i da upravu si - vlazne maramice so 'must have' al ja jih uvek zaboravljam :p


  2. js pa ponavadi usa ličila ipd. v tavelk kufr dam. ker se mi ne sanja kakšne količine so dovoljene,pa že enx so mi deodorant vrgl u smeti,smrksmrk.. drugače pa vzamem kar podobne stvari kot ti,no važno da iPod ne manjka,pa sm čis srečna haha :D
    &pa tok si simpatična s temi navijalkami,ja iii <3

  3. Hope your have a lovevy trip! I thanks for your help! Besos Lía

  4. You're gong to live to St. Raphael the Next season? It's a great place!!

    1. No, we won't move to St. Raphael :-)
      And yes it is a great place, it's Igor home town.