Saturday, April 28


 Today I wasn't working and Igor had a training in the morning - that usually means only one thing: Coffee with I. in the city. And today wasn't any exception... I picked her and her little (most cute) daughter and we went to our favourite coffee in Gummersbach. And there I get such a nice little surprise - coffee with heart (I will tell you once the story about hearts and meaning of them in my life) and that was a really good beginning of the day supported by a yummi sendwich ;)

Then we had a little time and of course we wouldn't be women if we wouldn't go to look a little bit in the shops - just to look! Yeah, sure!
You don't have a lot of choice for shopping in Gummersbach and I do most of my shops in Köln but I don't know why H&M in Gummi is much better than the one in Cologne.. it's smaller but always with good selected pieces - so, the manager of the shop: "Good job, we spend money again!"
We also went to Douglas, one of my fav cosmetic shops (where I usually buy things I don't and found the perfect summer lipstick.

My day ended with watching American Pie: Reunion at the cinema in Köln and eating in my fav restaurant Vapiano. I enjoy a good company of my boyfriend and his team player Kentin Mahé.

Here are few photos (made with Instagram) so you can see what I bought and where I have been...

I love to start day with a good latte machiato and this one was so good! It make me smile when I saw this lovely gesture of waitress who made this heart... What kind of coffee do you like the most?
 I always eat breakfast... I can't imagine not to start day without eating it.. I need an energy for everything that is happening to me through the day ;) Do you eat breakfast? What?

 This is my new "Rouge in Love" it is from Lancôme in colour 340B Boudoir Time (Flashy, trendy shades Bright colour reflection). I felt in love with this colour, it's perfect for summer and perfect match with darker skin which we get after some sunbathing.. I will tell you more about it after some time using it,  to say pluses and minuses ;)

 This is how it looks like when I am wearing it.. it wasn't the best light when I took those photos so you can't really see the right colour but it's not far away from this one seeing here ;)
 Do you like to wear lipstick?
 This is my new bracelet I bought in H&M.. I already have a gold one - which you can see HERE
 ... and I wanted this silver one to match with my favourite watch (Guess) and my fav bracelet from Kinky Rocker
I bought some new underwear... Since I love  transparent summer tops, this lace underwear is perfect match.. I bought it in H&M and it was ridiculous cheap...

 I also bought a new Lash curler, it helps a lot to me, since I have really straight and tinny eyelashes.
 Fake Eyelashes... make your eyes the center of attention so why wouldn't we wear them?! ;) Do you wear them sometimes?
 Ohh, I was looking for them so long and finally found them ... again in H&M... lace socks

 ... which they look so, when you were them on heels... cute isn't it? I think they are also pretty cute mixed with ballerinas!
 Which one do you prefer - black or white one?
Eating dinner @ Vapiano @ Cologne
 I luv this restaurant... they have such a great system of ordering, tasty food & normal prices...
My fav anti alcohol drink - Green Tea  - goes perfect with Calzone... yummi!! I could eat every day there & when we were living in Kiel, we were actually almost every 3 day eating there - and we had really nice friendship with boss there who always give us the best Panacotta ever! Oh, sweet memories, hahaha ;) 
 Yesterday's evening I spend with those funny guys... one is Igor (BF) and another one is Kentin - (french name to hard to pronounce so I call him Kenny ) which is Igor's team-mate ;)
 Hope you enjoyed in this blog post... as I enjoyed that day! ;)
As you can see I asked you a lot of questions, hope you answer since I am very curious about you, I want to know who my readers are, what they like, how they live... so, c'mon - answer, answer, answer! ;)

P.S.: I was thinking about making a post about "what you find in my handbag" - do you want me to make it? 

Thank you so much for stopping by, love you,



  1. fajne prdobitve! pa huda šminka, ful ti paše <3

  2. Lovely picture! Lovely shoes, simple, but very classy. I would go for the white one;)

    The handbag idea is really great!



    Style Route

    1. Thank you Marleen ;)
      I will stop by at your blog...

  3. ful lušten nakup! js sm se tud zdej navdušla nad šminkami,čeprou mam sam rdečo,heh sam jo pa kar veliko nosim.. pa štumfki so tud zlo lepi,js mam iste za na balerinke. :)
    pa glede zajtrka,bol malkrat ga jem. ponavadi mi zjutraj ne paše veliko, potem ko sem pa dejansko lačna je pa itak že čas za kosilo :)


    1. Uuuu, bi te rada vidla z rdeco sminko!! Posti!! ;p

  4. Ponovno super fotke, posebno ove zadnje iz restorana, atmosfera se čini baš kako je opisuješ. Što se tiče doručka i kave, tu smo prilično različite. U pravilu ne jedem ujutro, osim dana kada odlazim u teretanu ili na aerobic. A kava? Ne pijem je, možeš li vjerovati? ;) Ali zato mi je srce brže zakucalo na ovu boju ruža, fenomenalna je! I tebi odlično stoji, pet plus za sedmu fotografiju - best.
    Pozdrav iz Hrvatske!

  5. Hey Sweetheart, I start my day with porridge, I know it's not everyones taste..... but I like it.
    I had a smile on my face when I read this blog today..... 'cause
    - I wear the same fake lashes
    - I'm always drinking Arizona Green Tea, I'm addicted to it ( AT Rossmann you can buy it for less money)
    - I mostly eat the Calzone at Vapiano,

    So hope you had a nice sunny day today.

    1. Heeey honey! I am in love with this Arizona Green Tea but makes me always sick when I see how much calories has it :p

  6. All really nice buys, but I loved your shoes! Where are they from? What's their brand!
    I almost never eat breakfast, and I haven't horn fake eyelashes so far...
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!

    1. Welcome ;)

      Heels are from Zara... I bought them few months ago..