Saturday, April 7


 While we were in France we went to visit Karabatic's familly in Montpellier (oh, gosh what a perfect city!!) and also to see some other friends living there... we came there on Saturday, watching match between Montpellier and Nantes (which, except few "aggressive parts" wasn't really that interesting - not mentioning the awful, hot, stuffy air in the hall, that make me wanna leave before the end). After the match and match ceremony (this is my tag for VIP area and VIP "after match happening"), we went in the city to have a night out - and it was great! I really love Montpellier and I fell in love every time, once again in this city, when I am there.
We went to a night club (with again awful, stuffy air) that was quite cool and we dance all night long. I had a lot of fun with my French wags - Geraldine and Sandra, with my baby boy Igor and other guys (Luka, Niko, Mickael, Karlo, Enzo, Matèo,...) that were my company for that night.
That night I learn 3 important facts: 
  1. Girls in South France make you feel depressive! Why?! Because they are all so freaking skinny!! If I am feeling like I am in a group of 'normal weight' in Germany, but in La côte d'Azur I feel fat... and no, I am not dramatizing, and yes I am panicking!! But really, once again "man, what a bodies?!!"
  2. If they are happily skinny, there must be something else that they are doing wrong, because they just can't be perfect (big hilarious smile on my face). And yes - it is - what is missing is a taste for fashion! Women first association  on this charming country is fashion (oh, well and wine), right? But, in south of France girls don't really get it.. they are in some kind "Miami beach, less is better mode". You can really see that G. and Sandra aren't coming from South of France, since they have really good taste for style and they really stood out among other girls. So, don't worry if you are planning holidays in Saint Tropez - if you are not skinny, there is always good style that can save you!
  3. And I learn (once again) that is not what makes girl sexy and fatal - her "wearingalmostnothing" style but the way she moves, the way she seduce with her body moves, with her dance - and G. and Sandra knows how to do it! They are freaking, awesome dancers!   
 The very next day we continue with partying but in much more calming, easier way - since we were celebrating 2nd birthday of two little princess Lara (child of Masa and Vidko) and Ela (child of Ajda and Dragan). In the same company like last night, with some "new comers" as Igor's mum Liliana and Karabatic's mum Lala, with our Slovenian wags Polona, Ajda and Masa, and of course Masa's boyfriend our lovely Vid Kavticnik. 
The weather was so perfect and I couldn't believe that on 1st of April, there can be almost 30° and that the guys were swimming (in an ice cold water). I was really happy to see my Slovenian wags (it's always such a pleasure to speak your native language) and to have fun with them, and since Masa with her Style Lemon Blog and Polona with her Baby Jungle Blog are also bloggers, we have someting to talk about.
At the same time I was also so happy to see Igor relaxing a little bit, having fun with childhood friends Niko and Luka and to take a few hourse "break" from handball.
I am almost at the end (since I am already so long this time) but I can't forget to mention great food that prepare "our moms" Lala and Liliana (look how sweet are the eggs that she made!!) and our (unfortunately injured) Vidko that became (with me) a photographer per day! ;)

P.S.: It was so much fun to meet Primoz Prost (goal keeper) who is coming from my home town... we didn't see each other since we both move abroad and know we meet in the middle of the France.. how destiny is sometimes funny..

P.S. 2: I have drunk the best cocktail ever!!! That definitely become my favourite drink: Sparkling Strawberry Cocktail (Prosecco + Strawberry Smoothie)... whaaaaaaa, soooo good!!

So, this is my report from holidays in France... I share with you some of my best moment and I hope you like it...

Love you my glammy ladies (and boys in case there is some that read me)!! 
Wish you a nice weekend!
And.. you know... that you make me happy with your comments since you always put a smile on my face!

Love, Ania


Playing games, and if you are good you are lucky...

and if you are not... you get punished!!

Gèraldine & Masa

Liliana's creation

Njom, njom: Tomato + Mozzarela

Spring Rolls

Fresh Mint

Lovely Sandra... funny that all the Sandras in Wag's World I know are such a great girls!

Lara performing some acrobatic stuff

Ela and her hat

Lala and Ela ... old and new generation..

Beautiful G.

Feelin' like a kid :D

Lara and her lovely mommy

What a tasty cake!!! Njommm!!

Niko ... I know girls, I know.. but G. is the one and only!

Ph. Vid Kavticnik

I love this photo!

My french wags ;)

My (Slovenian) blogger wags - lovely Polona and Masa

Lala and me

One of my favourite photos... Ela Gajic

Yeey, we have fun!!

Preparing ...


Still in the air...



Gorgeous Tila!!

and her bee..

Meet Doggy, Monkey and Bunny... I mean meet Matèo, Enzo and Mickael

Fast momy, fast... I have to run around the swimming pool and make everybody afraid to fall in :)))) She is such an energetic bomb!
And one for the end!


  1. kok luštne slikce, se prou vidi da ste se imeli super! :) pa usi ste u kratkih rokavih, aaah, js bi tud :p

  2. Joj kok lepi otroci :) Supr fotke!

  3. Hello, i was found your blog by random because i would like to know who is G.Pillet (i'm from Montpellier)
    I think in this actual (poor) situation, you should not publish your blog to avoid disagreements to Niko and Luka.
    I think it's better for them (journalist are so curious). Maybe it can help them...
    And im' agree with your mind on Montpellier (the best city) : "Girls in South France make you feel depressive" sounds like good for my wife from Montpell too ;-)

  4. Thank u Bru!
    It is forbidden (like it is written on the botom of blog) that anybody use any photos on my blog without my written permission and I will not give anybody permission to use this photos.
    All that is published on my blog is published with approval of all people involved.
    I am very sorry for this situation to happening family Karabatic, especially sorry I am for their mum Lala, who is wonderful women who is carrying a big amount of stress and pressure because of everything what is happening to her children.
    Hope people in Mtp will not be so judgmental like journalists are.

    Wish you a nice day!

  5. don't worry Ania ! Your pictures are wonderful. I'm fed up with all this story about Karabatic's family, there are great guys and your blog is a very positive message of hope ;-))
    Bye !