Monday, April 2


It doesn’t happened a lot of time that Igor (my boyfriend – in case if you don’t already know that ;) have more than two days holidays during season time. This time we had luck and guys get five free days… I don’t know why exactly that happened – or because they really deserve it (what they for sure DID) or because it was already time to make a little break from all the freaking things that were happening during this season.
No matter the reason – I am more than truly thankful for these days because we have so much fun.
We decide to visit Igor’s parents (well currently just mom, because Igor’s father is a on the way most of the time – I guess that is a “sport deformation” when you after a long period of being a professional athlete and get used to travel all the time just can’t stay on the same place for longer time and yes, if you were asking yourself already – Igor’s father was also a professional handball player).
So, let’s go back to his mom – as I already mentioned, we visit her in Saint Raphael – for all that don’t have any idea where that is (like I didn’t had) that is a lovely, seaside city between Cannes and Saint Tropez in the South of France (or more glamorously said at the Côte d’Azur). Are you jealous already? Hehehe, don’t be, you still have summer to go there and enjoy the great France beaches.
I don’t want to be too long this time, because today is our last day in France for this time and I want to enjoy it to the fullest (and I know you understand) – enjoying in our terrace view on the sea, enjoying in drinking French wine, eating premium goat cheese and olives and just relaxing.
But I was still thinking about you my dear, awesome followers and I thought that you would maybe like to see how our little trip to France look like and that’s why I am publishing some photos that I make on the first day (so, that would be Thursday?! Yes, Thursday…) in Nice and in Saint Raphael.
Hope, you are happy that I share some of our private moments with you and I hope you like photos.
You are more than welcome, to leave a comment – I am always so happy when I read them.

Love, Ania


  1. čudovite slike, takoj bi se vama pridružila :)

    1. Hvala, hvala.. res je blo lustno in glede na to da ful rada slikam je tle rezultat ;)

  2. Wauuuuu, kakšne lepe fotke <3 zgleda res noro lepo in prav vidi se da sta uživala :)

  3. oh oh kok lepe fotke, vidva pa tako cute :)
    P.S. Igorjev T-shirt z All starko rocks :D

    1. Hheehee, ja ta majca rocks - in se velikrat jo bo za videt, ker jo res rad nosi, hehe ;)

  4. super fotke! <3 js bi tudi uživala ob morju :p