Tuesday, April 17


 Wag’s column is back! And it will stay as long as I am going to stay a wag.
I want to write a few words about last column – I stand hundred percent behind everything I wrote on this blog and also behind this columns… There were definitely some misunderstandings and I more than agree that the style I choose to write in wasn’t the best one but as I share with you my thoughts, I am also happy that you share with me your opinions about my columns… but if I can be respectful that is also something that I expect back from you. My attention with this wag column is not to make wags feel bad, too humiliate them or gossip about them – we have enough this shit from outsiders, enough stereotypes from wags is out there, enough of jealousy … my columns are here to support wags, to make them feel proud to be a wag, to feel comfortable being wag and to enjoy being a spouse of a professional athlete. I never claim I am a role model of a wag or that I know what is the best for wags… I am not a wonderwoman (hell, no) but I am someone who lives that life and who tries to find the best way to live it, best way to feel satisfied and comfortable and I want to share it with you, other wags and other people (to once for all get rid of this stupid stereotypes about us)… and it is up to you if you think that can be useful and helpful (sometimes more entertaining than helpful) and want to read it or if you think that is just a crap of “youknowwhat” and leave it.
I am as I am - sometimes I can be helpful, sweet and nice and other times (most probably when I am PMSing) little bit less nice, more directly and with a little less compassion…I guess that make me a normal woman :-) ... and because this is my personal blog and this is real me, than unfortunately sometimes you will have to deal also with my bad days and maybe will not always be everything written in the way you would expect from me... but I promise if you stay beside me it will be worth it (because I can be really sweet) ;)

Love, A.

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  1. Like. Ne vem zakaj imajo ljudje toliko za povedat čez morebitno neprijaznost. Nikoli je ne opazijo pri sebi ...