Friday, April 13


First thing when we come to Cologne.. we have to seat down and drink coffee... hey, what did you expect we are Balkanians :p
And where is coffee there are sweets... and this...
... was this!!   And NO it wasn't mine!
Thiiiiis was mine! :p (yes, I am still on diet!)
And this sweet ice spaghetti unfortunately wasn't mine.. why this remain me more on minced meat as on "spaghetti"?!
And after we fill our stomachs and drink our daily dose of coffee... shops were waiting.. Igor & me went to Peek & Cloppenburg ...
Where I was searchin' a perfect dress for wedding that is coming in June...
In this one I looked pretty big - eeee, nobody wants to look big!!
... this one was in great colours but not my model and the size was too big!, no, no..too much of everything...
...and this one was Igor's favourite.. hmmm yes, not that bad..
and this one was my favourite! Hmm, maybe I even bought it, who knows, I wouldn't tell :p
my baby after some shopping...not that good mood :p
but latte machiato for him and youghismoothie (I can't really remember how they call it) for me make our (his) mood immediately better... 
and one for the end (while waiting for Igor to try his new clothes - yes now it was his turn ;)

Love, Ania


  1. ful luštne slikce! 5. & .6 oblekca sta res najbolši. ful ti pašeta! js bi kr obe mela :D

  2. Igor's choice is the right choice...najlepša in najbolj ti paše.tako barva kot kroj :-)B.

  3. o yum kere slaščice. Drugač mi je pa ful všeč tvoja izbira oblekice al p tista preštepana k ti velikost ni ustrezala. škoda ker je res top. =)

  4. Zadnji 2 sta vsekakor čudoviti <3 ampak meni osebno pa zgledaš najlepša v predzadnji, ki jo je izbral tvoj dragi.