Saturday, August 10


As you could saw here I first celebrated my birthday with my boyfriend Igor and the day after as you can see here, I celebrated it with my girls from Rennes.

We went to Felix again and I was again very satisfied. My evening was really nice, thanks to Celine, Delphine, Aurelie, Colyne, Lucille, Nadia and Ljiljana.

No matter of the club, I have always had nice connection to the player's girls, but this ones are among my favorite ones. Each and one of them is something special and so much fun and the same time.

You have to laugh at Delphine aka Monica Bellucci, Colyne became my personal beautician and Celine saved my life (teeth) and is at the same time the mother of two little monsters that I simply adore! Aurelie is always there when you need her and is one of the nicest girls I know and then there is Lucille which joined our gang just a few weeks ago but I already know we will have a lot of fun together.

Then there is Nadia, my private teacher who became also my friend and to who I own my charming knowledge of French language and Ljiljana who is Igor's mother - ma belle mére - would French ppl say. I am lucky to have mother in law like her.

I took a lot of photos this night and I hope you like them... I hope they describe just how lovely evening we had.

Lucky birthday girl got some really nice gifts this year but more about that in the next post.

Thanks for stopping by! I love it!


  1. Happy birthday!! (sorry for the late!)
    It seems everything has been alright, and you've spend some great and quality time with friends!
    Wish you the best for your birthday!
    Have a good day

  2. Se pridružujem puncam - čudovita nosečka si :).


  3. Super fotke, a za tebe nemam pravih riječi, divna si! :*
    Sad samo čekam taj idući post sa "some really nice gifts". ;)

    1. Hehehe, brzo ce, samo jos cekam da stigne jos ovaj jedan koji cekam postom ;)