Wednesday, August 14


Bags: Both beige and black one are from Zara
I really like basic pieces and this two bags really are the basic ones, matching every outfit. Models and colors of bags are simple just as I like them to be. I would only wish that they would be a bit bigger since I am "a big bag fan"

Wallet: Mango

I love this model of the wallet but as you can see this one is already a bit used so I need a new one - if you have any suggestion for something similar to this one I would be happy if you let me know!

Sunglasses: Ray ban 

Again a very basic model of sunglasses... matching every outfit.

Perfume: La Petite Robe Noire - Guerlain 

I got this perfume as a birthday gift from my friend and I must confessed I am still not totally sure about it but I think gradually I will like it a lot.
This fragrance is inspired by the elegance and eternity of a little black dress, the perfume exudes Parisian chic and gracefulness... well who doesn't want to feel like a chic Parisian Madame everyday?

Mascaras: Helena Rubinstein - Lash Queen Feather and Christian Dior - Diorshow Black Out

The first one is my favorite one! The best mascara I have ever used/bought and I am very unhappy about the fact that it's so hard to buy this mascara in France (well, at least in Rennes).
My natural eye lashes are very thin and not really the longest one but with the Lash queen father mascara I really get the maximum possible outcome!
It's not the cheaper one but if you have thin, short lashes it will be worth of every cent!
I bought Dior's Diorshow Black Out mascara as an exchange for the HR mascara (because I just didn't find it anywhere in Rennes) and it was the biggest disappointment ever.
I don't know maybe it will work for you but for me it was just a money I throw away. Mascara is the way too liquid and you have to really take time to apply it carefully (especially if you have thin lashes like me) if not you'll have a hell of the mess on your eyes.
At the same time the applicator is too big and it takes a while before mascara dries out.
I didn't noticed any extra volume, just a lot of liquid mess on my lashes.
So, my advice would be - go for it if your lashes are thick in other case you'll be sorry for spending your money on this honey.

Lipstick: Yves Saint Laurent - Rouge Volupte 

What to honestly say about this lipstick? Well, it's like that - I love the luxury, elegant look of this lipstick and I love how lipstick feels on the lips. But that's unfortunately all what it's good about it... First I choose the wrong shade of the lipstick - I wanted something as similar to natural lip color as possible but I end up with the shade Nr 4 - Sweet honey. Too much brown for me!
(Did I ever mention how much I hate the lightning in shops which always makes me think that one color looks totally different than than appears on the daylight?! Does it happens to you, too?!)
So, with this not flattering color of the lipstick I can't really say that I love it and that I would recommended to you... but at the same time, there is a doubt inside of me that if I made would have choose the right color I would have totally different opinion... so, don't take NO for an answer on this one.

Makeup: Chanel - Mat Lumiere 

Some of the girls will say that this foundation is too heavy to wear but I am more than satisfied with it, since I like the feeling of the good coverage. I start using it at the pregnancy when I had some skin problems and since I also have some redness on my cheeks, I gave it a try and I was happy with the result. I am not saying I am gonna stick to it forever but for now it's a good choice for me.

Primer / Highlighter: Lancôme - Eclat miracle  

A bit pricey but soooo useful! You can mixed it with day cream if you want all over healthy glow (looks so good on sun kissed skin!), and you can apply it before or after foundation.
As said you can use it as a primer or/and a highlighter... depend on what you want.
If you want all over "healthy glowing" look you just mixed it with your foundation or if you want to highlight just your cheeks you put it there after you used your basic foundation.
You can also use it before the powder blush to enhance the color.
It's just so much things you can do with this Lancôme's product!

Phone: Iphone 5

Another thing in my bag that I just can't live without. I am a big fan of Apple and I just love all the products that they put out there (thank to my tech geek boyfriend).
Since I use iphones, I can't really imagine to switch to another phone brand.
My fav apps are Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Nike Running, Translate, Shazam, Pinterest... if you use any cool apps I will be happy if you wrote below about them - always excited about discovering new things!

Skin products

I will write more about my skin care products (that you can see also on the photos above) in one of the next posts.
Since I think this post is too long already now (are you still here? :)

Well, this is what you find in my bag most of the times - maybe not all the products at the same time, as it all depends on where and for how long I go.

I would like to know what do you think about this kind of 'more magazine looking like' post? Do you like it? Or you were not so interested in it? 

Write your opinion, it helps to make my blog better and me more successful bloger!
Well, if that is not a good reason to write your comment! 

Take care and smile a lot (you're beautiful)!



  1. "/.../ but at the same time, there is a doubt inside of me that if I made would have choose the right color I would have totally different opinion... "

    What the heck?! Please, PLEASEEEE learn English in order to write properly, so educated people don't get annoyed and nervous while reading your blog... Not knowing the basics (grammar etc.) really doesn't do you a favor...

    1. And you're so perfect?! You never make mistakes?! I doubt it! The day you'll be able to speak and write in German, English, Slovenian, Croatian and French, that day you'll be allowed to criticize others work!!

  2. I'm doing my best :-)

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Palac gore za ovakve more magazine postove, samo naprijed s njima. ;)

  4. I like post like this, even if I realize that my bag is really full of useless things. But I need it to be "relax"! Maybe would I need one of these things one day ;)
    Well if you want my opinion, Stay as you are, write as you are, and we'll be happy! I love the way you show us your world!
    And concerning your English, it doesn't strike me at all, it doesn't need to be "perfect" if your not born english. And some "anonymous" people would have to learn how to be polite before criticizing...

    Keep Smiling, and have a lovely day!

    1. Thank you dear Tif! I noticed you became my regular reader and I am very happy about that! ;)

  5. Volim ovakve postove još od onog Travel Must Haves tako da će mene razveseliti svaki takav idući. Iako guštam u svemu što objaviš, samo da ima novog sadržaja ovdje. ;)

    A što se tiče komentara gore - educated person is, first and foremost, a person with general culture and good manners, a Anonimcu toga očito manjka..


    1. Mihaela, draga, puno hvala! Misljenje nekoga iz novinarskih vrsta - ko sto ste ti i Sara Gabrijela uvjek puno znaci!
      Ja cu naravno pokusavati, da postanem najbolja sto mogu a to za engleski znam, da mi nije los i da poznajem kolko tolko gramatiku a ovaj lapsus se desijo kasno u noci dok sam pisala tekst a koncentracija mi nije vise bila najbolja.. Ali je dobro da ljudi i to primijete i tako me "opozoravaju" na to, da trebam dobro procitat tekst prije nego sto ga objavim ;)


  6. Draga Anja....

    Ne oziraj se na ljudi ki kritizirajo na tvojem blogu.To pomeni da si super kajti če nebi bila sploh nebi pisali komentarjev.Jaz zelo rada prebiram tvoj blog,ker si punca fejst in karizmatična.No sedaj ko si nosečka pa še nekaj lepšega žari iz očk.Vse lepo in bodi taka kot si in piši kakor znaš,ti je volja pa če je prav ali ne.


    1. Irma, draga, zaradi taksnih kot si ti je vredno ustvarjati tale blog.
      Hvala iz srca, upam da bos se naprej spremljala moj blog in vedno nasla kaj zanimivega zase. Tudi v bodoce bom zelo vesela tvojega sodelovanja, komentiranja.

  7. Beautiful photos! I think that this is one of the best posts you’ve ever published. Keep going! ;)

    1. Thank you dear! I saw your beautiful photos from Croatia! I bet you have a lot of fun there, I love Croatia!

  8. Joj ta parfum, meni je 1A. Sem 1x dobila testerček in so me vsi spraševali kateri parfum imam na sebi :).

  9. Priporočam maskaro Guerlain Maxi Lash. Cela zlata, malo krajša embalaža. Tudi jaz sem bila razočarana nad Diorjevimi, drugače pa sem jih že kar nekaj sprobala, pa mi je ta Guerlainova top.