Friday, August 2


Some of those photos were taken a few days ago, on Sunday if I am totally precise. 
We went at the city for a walk and stop at our favorite "sweet corner" - Häagen Dasz.
Oh god, it's just impossible to say no, to "crêpes" with bananas, ice cream, chocolate and whipped cream! Who counts calories anyway, it's so passé! 
My trip tip for Rennes would definitely be: stop at Häagen Dasz!

Today/tonight (it's actually 00:42 when I write this) I spent a lovely evening at Colyne to celebrate her birthday! She is so fu*kin young, only 21 and already such a responsible, great women (she is also the one - guilty - for my beautiful french manicure on my swollen feet).

There were also some other girls/wives from the club that I love to spend time with, so yes - the evening was great and I really appreciate the possibility to meet so many nice women in all the movings we do with Igor. 

I seriously think about involving all this great women who follow their man and his career out there in the world in my blog, maybe through interviews, maybe through portrait stories.. let me know what do you think about it...

Enough for today, I am a little bit exhausted after such a hot day and I have to spare some energy if my baby boy decide to come to the world any time soon, you never know :D

Take care my dears!  


  1. Kako sladice dobro zgledalo.mmm... In tisto z intervjuji in z portreti bi bilo super (: