Tuesday, August 6


Dreaming about my own home office. 

Description of my dream job would be: 
working 3 days per week at the office with my workers (yes, you guessed right, I would be the boss :) or with my business partners and the rest of the working time I would love to spend at my home office. 

I would love my work to be connected with writing, photography, design, fashion, organization, PR, marketing, social medias, themes connected to women world.
My dream job would be editor in chief for a women magazine, owning my PR agency, being a coach and speaker to motivate young women. 

I think all this should start with my own home office or at least workspace corner at our home for the beginning. 
I post some pics for inspiration of how I would like my home office to look like... and since there will be my birthday in few minutes maybe my wishes will come true.
Who knows.. they say it all starts with a vision and I definitely have one. 

What is your career vision? What is your passion? Tell me about it! No matter how crazy it sounds - you know what they say: dream big or go home! ;)

Xo, A.


  1. Sanje se včasih tudi uresnsičijo...

    1. Verjamem, da ce si le dovolj vztrajen in si nekaj zares zelis da se vedno uresnici! ;)

  2. Mogu samo c/p tvoje želje, s tim da bi ja samo ovo women magazine promijenila u sportski ili rukometni magazin. ;) I da mi je koju knjigu napisati, dvije, tri. :D
    A što se uređenja tiče, i tu te pratim, crna i bijela - nema bolje kombinacije. Par slatkih detalja da ne izgleda previše sterilno i to je to, u takvom kutku bi se knjige same od sebe pisale. ;)

    1. Ma, uspjet cemo nas dvoje, ne boj se ti! Gde ima zelje, discipline, "commitment" i rada ima i uspjeha ;)

  3. Thanks for showing a number of inspirational ideas for home office. Once your wishes come true, please let us know and share more photos too. :)