Thursday, August 8


So, here comes the truth: I am one year older.. again! Is this yeey or neeey? I guees both :)

It was my birthday today - on the 7th of August - what a nice date, don't you think? 7 - the magical number - if you know what I mean..
My mum made some pretty damn effort to give a birth on that exact date - she wait at the hospital toilet with pretty painful contractions  to be midnight so I would be born on 7th August.. why was she so crazy? Hehe, because I have birthday on 7th, my older sister on 17th and my older brother on 27 of August, well that's something, don't you think? :)

I guess you realized I didn't party like a seventeen old chic today - not because I am not 17 but 27, but just because I am 9 months pregnant and possible to give a birth in any minute... but that didn't distract me from wearing high heels, no, not today! It was my birthday and I had to feel just a little bit fabulous again. Anyway, that's not the point of the story... what I wanted to say that I had a pretty cozy birthday today and that I loved it.

First Igor surprised me with a big nice bouquet of my favorite flowers and yummi strawberry cake! Man, was I happy like a little child! Not mentioning that I ate the whole cake almost by myself.. so what, it's my birthday!

Than, I had another lovely surprise from my big family who couldn't be with me on my birthday but they did manage to come all together at my mum's place and than call me on the skype. I didn't know anything about it... they just called me and start singing "happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, ..." I was so touched. After we finished our conversation I cried like a baby - not exactly sure if I was so touched by the surprise or by hormones. Guess for another time, both!
I love you my big family, you are my treasure!

Igor and me, finished my birthday at the really nice restaurant where we went for the first time and I really liked it. It's in Rennes and it's called Felix. We were so satisfied by the ambient, stuff, food - that I decided to celebrate my ladies birthday party at the same restaurant tomorrow! Hip hip hura!!

Have fun and don't forget to come back! I really love your visits!
Xoxo, A.


  1. Čeprav malo prepozno. Vse najboljše tudi z moje strani (:

  2. Jaz sem pa skoz mislila, da si 23 al pa mogoče 24, heh :D Ja vse najboljše, celo leto, celo življenje!
    Ful chic nosečnica si!

    1. Ja hvala Anita - tko za pomladitev kot za cestitke ;) Oboje prav pride, haha ;)


  3. Se strinjam z Anito, res si full chic nosečnica!
    Vse najboljše in najlepše še z moje strani! :*

  4. What a nice day! And with lot of surprises and emotions, it is what I call a great birthday! So, Happy Birthday!!

    PS: I love the anecdote with your mum!
    PPS: I love your shoes!

    1. Thanks Tif! Love your comments!
      Yp, my crazy, lovely mum :D

  5. I wish you all the best for your birthday, even it's a little too late!!!
    I read you blog in former times and just saw you're back again and pregnant...congrats on that.
    I always loved reading your blog and am happy that you're back again and I can totally understand what you're writing, as I am pregnant myself. So btw congrats on how you're looking, it's fantastic and let me tell you: I know how difficult this is being pregnant (I'm 8 months actually) :)

    1. Well Hello Durena, and I am happy to know you are reading me again despite my long pausing ;)
      Happy for you and your pregnancy, I guess we have a lot in common lately and lots to talk/read/write about it ;)
      Be good and take care for yourself!


  6. Happy Birthday to you, even though I am a little too late!!!
    I love that you're being back what I just saw this sunday; I used to read your blog in former times.
    Congrats to your little baby and I love what you're writing about pregnancy...finally someone who thinks similar to me as I am 8 months pregnant now :) And let me tell you look really stunning and very beautiful and I know how difficult this is in our days :)
    Hope everything will work out best for you!

  7. Eh da je meni idući rođendan proslaviti 27, ne bi se žalila. ;)
    Mama ti je snažna i hrabra koliko i cool, uz eto tu malu dozu ludosti, ali ova igra datumima je ful simpatična. :) Kod mene slična situacija, brat i ja isti mjesec, on 3., a ja 23. i doktor joj je odmah rekao da sada samo nedostaje još netko 13. Izgleda da se njoj nije toliko svidjela ta ideja. ;D