Sunday, August 4


One of my favorite things to do is having a drink in the city. Actually - one of my favorite things to do is having a drink - in the city - on the good location - drinking delicious cocktail.

I just love summer and it's great temperature when all you need is just a good location with great terrace, good offer of delicious cocktails and in a good company / or surrounded by the ongoing crowd of interesting people.

I do love to take photos of all this interesting people passing by, but I am just somehow always a little bit afraid that one day someone will come and ask why I took photo of him - what could I do?!
Say the truth "you are so fuc*ing awesome/interesting/funny/strange/unique/different/beautiful... that I just want a photo of you?! Would that be a compliment or would I look like a weirdo, I guess both :D

Anyway, today I didn't took the photos of randome strangers - not because I wouldn't want but just because there was actually not a lot of people passing by.
I guess nobody is in the city, everybody enjoy the summer vacation somewhere on the nice beaches.
But this nice pic of cocktail it's just good too! Don't you think?

Thanks for reading!
Take care and be fantastic,



  1. Ne vem zakaj, ampak nekaj mi je na fotografiji zelo znano. ;)

  2. A je a ne? ;) Da ni tvoj hubby? Pridi no, te cakamo! Vcer sm rekla Dusku naj te ze gor pripelje :))